Immigration Process

  • At International Departure Immigration desks are divided into different sections.

    • All Passports
    • Overseas Pakistani Passenger/ Card Holder
    • Foreigners / Taxpayers
    • Old Citizens / Special Person / Women / Children
    • Diplomats / Foreigners / Taxpayers

  • Passengers departing from Islamic Republic of Pakistan are required to submit the embarkation form. Pakistani Passport holder / International Overseas Pakistani Passengers will not submit embarkation form at international airports at Pakistan. Special Desk for Overseas Pakistan Passengers is also available to facilitate and provide assistance on 24 x 7 basis. (For more information please visit

  • Passengers are advised to queue-up at the immigration desk and have their traveling documents ready (passport, embarkation form and other necessary documents). The Immigration officer will verify your Photo ID and may ask several questions in accordance with the immigration procedures. Your cooperation is appreciated.

  1. Stand in your corresponding lane
  2. Stay behind the queuing line at the immigration desk.
  3. Submit your Passport having valid Visa, Polio Certificate and embarkation card (only for foreigners) and other necessary documents (NOC, Photo ID). Once your passport is returned, you may pass through immigration and you will wait for boarding.
  4. Please check your passport before leaving immigration counter that it is properly stamped.
Cautions for Immigration:
  1. Harassment to the Immigration officer is a crime U/s 506 of Pakistan Penal Code.
  2. Interference, interruption in the work of Immigration Officer is also a crime U/s 186 of Pakistan Penal Code.
  3. Intentional / not to deliberate immigration is a crime U/s 3/4 of Passport Act and Immigration Ordinance 1979.